Is shooting at the feeder cheating?

Lesser GoldfinchLesser Goldfinch – 2011

I have a feeder that I keep stocked with an assortment of seeds. It draws an assortment of birds, some that I don’t usually see in my typical bird photography adventures.

If I shoot birds around the feeder, am I cheating? It is a valid question, because I try to capture birds in a reasonably natural setting, so having a plastic bin full of seeds defeats that.

But feeders attract birds and that is what I am trying to shoot.

And if I don’t get out on a birding trip? Well, it is time to confess, the Band-tailed Pigeon, was a feeder shot. While they are around, they don’t usually come in close enough to get a shot like that.

So what about this week’s “Bird of the Week” entry:
Red-shouldered Hawk
Red-shouldered Hawk – 2011

While it was a couple hundred feet from the feeder, was it drawn to the area by the abundance of birds at the feeder? They are common in the area, so probably not, but…

Anyway, I will try to limit my feeder shots and in the future tell you when a shot was taken near the feeder.

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2 Responses to Is shooting at the feeder cheating?

  1. Lyn Nave says:

    I don’t think feeder shots are cheating at all. Is the hawk a juvenile or adult? Nice one.

  2. Tom Clifton says:

    By my reading of Sibley, I would say it is an adult. The belly seems to have the fine red and white banding of an adult.

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