Two birds, two waves, and a cat

That’s my submission to the Carmel Art Institute’s “The Magic of Point Lobos” competition and exhibition. All five were accepted and will be on display from September 28 to October 18.

Let’s start with the birds. They are similar shots, a Black-crowned Night Heron and a Snowy Egret, both are tense and searching for food.

Black-crowned Night Heron

The primary difference is that the night heron is on a rock and the egret is on floating kelp. That and the egret is a striking white.

Snowy Egret

The wave shots capture the magnitude of a big wave day at the Reserve. These are days when you feel and smell the waves as you drive in. The first stop is Sea Lion Point, where a few young sea lions missed the memo about getting off the rocks.

Sea Lion Point

Down at Bird Island the waves can get so big that they climb up to join the clouds and generate water falls where they don’t exist.

Big waves

And we finish with the cat. A bobcat in Mound Meadow to be exact, looking very regal like his cousins in Kenya.

Bobcat at Point Lobos

2 thoughts on “Two birds, two waves, and a cat

  1. Great shot of the red tailed hawk. I like the perspective very much. Almost from a rodents perspective.

    I have 3 living near my house in Elkhorn and these are the first hawks I have seen flying so close to the ground that I am often looking down at them as they pass by on their hunting rounds.

    Curious as to where you got the shot of the bobcat. They are around the area but elusive.


    Bruce Stenman

    • Thanks,

      The bobcat was in Point Lobos at Mound Meadow. It was intent on hunting and didn’t seem to mind that there were people nearby. I got lucky with the shot because as you say they tend to be elusive.

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