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Time flys…

Well, it is probably time to post an update. The last post was made just before I got sick. I’ve been feeling better for a while now and I’ve been taking pictures, so I probably should have posted something sooner, … Continue reading

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WhaleFest Photos

Two of my photos were selected for an exhibit at the Museum of Monterey from November 15 to December 31, 2014. The photos will be raffled off on January 25, 2015 during WhaleFest 2015, with the proceeds benefiting both the Museum and WhaleFest. … Continue reading

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Recent additions

So far 2014 has been a good year for me in birding and shooting birds at Point Lobos. I have spotted four new species for me and been able to photo a number of rare visitors. You can see some … Continue reading

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Condors of the Columbia

Condors of the Columbia is as a new exhibit that is scheduled to open at the Oregon Zoo in Portland this spring. The Oregon Zoo is one of three zoos and a wildlife center that is raising California Condors for … Continue reading

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Top shots in 2013

For some reason, I don’t think that 2013 was a particularly good year. It seems like I only had a few good days of shooting and the rest were pedestrian. That’s not really how you want to introduce a post … Continue reading

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Beating on an image

Red-tailed Hawk Sometimes you nail the image and sometimes you are so far off that you have to give up. Then there are those in between times where you screwed up the shot, but it is close enough that you … Continue reading

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How close can you get to a Sea Otter?

Real close, but shot with a 400mm lens from over 100 ft. This is a question that Docents at Point Lobos deal with all the time. We have to evaluate the situation and make suggestions as best we can. As … Continue reading

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Two new birds

Pacific-slope Flycatcher I recently got shots of two “new” birds. I say that because I have probably seen them before, but just never taken the the time to ID them. There are lots of little grayish-brown birds that reside in … Continue reading

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A little silly

One of my photos was used in a Flickr blog post and another was picked up by Yahoo. Now I have over 5000 views today. This is up a little from my usual 100+ views a day. Not that I … Continue reading

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A new bird

Hi, my name is Tom and I am a birder. I am not the crazy, over-the-top birder that you might have seen in movies or on TV. But when there is an opportunity to see a bird that I haven’t … Continue reading

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